Tesla now shipping Model Ys to Australia with new two major features
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Tesla now shipping Model Ys to Australia with new two major features

Jul 19, 2023

Tesla has quietly started delivering Australia’s most-popular EV in Australia with two major hardware updates.

New Model Y vehicles that are built in late May onwards are starting to receive a parcel shelf in the boot along with Pedestrian Warning System (PWS).

The parcel shelf allows owners to hide any valuables in the back of their Model Y SUV boot along with dampening any noises of things moving about in the boot.

In the Model Y owner’s manual on Tesla’s website, it states that if the vehicle is equipped with a parcel shelf it can be used to: “covers the rear cargo and when you want to conceal valuables, keep the sun away from groceries, or minimize noise from rustling objects.”

The parcel shelf can be folded in, unfolded or removed altogether. Tesla also warns to not place heavy objects on the parcel shelf itself.

The Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) is also featured on the new arrivals. It’s a system that, according to Tesla, allows for an audible sound to be emitted to warn pedestrians of an oncoming car. The sound is emitted when driving below 24 km/h.

This feature was spotted by new owners at the delivery time of their Model Y with the inclusion of the Boombox feature which operates through the same speakers used for PWS.

The Boombox feature allows the outside speakers in the Tesla to play sounds when parked. It can be found in the Model Y’s entertainment section of the infotainment system under “Toybox” menu. Inside this feature, the description states:

“Entertain a crowd with your media player when parked. You can adjust the sounds your car makes. Please check local laws before use in public spaces.”

Both new features are great for new Model Y owners and come on the back of recent price drops and a new referral program with further discounts on Tesla EVs.

Pedestrian Warning System operating in Australia

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