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Kiara Advani’s 5

Jul 07, 2023

Kiara Advani Glowing Scrub: Kiara Advani is one of the most loved Bollywood actresses in the Bollywood sphere. The actress has flawless skin that is desired by the majority of us. Who doesn’t want skin that is spotless, radiant, glowing and smooth? Kiara Advani’s skincare secret includes natural ingredients that can do wonders for the skin.

From enough hydration to using face masks, Kiara Advani’s skincare includes everything basic and minimal. In several interviews, Kiara opened up that her beauty routine includes homemade masks that have no negative effects on the skin. If you have dry and rough skin, here is an effective and effortless gram flour face mask that Kiara Advani swears by.

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Step 1: The first step to making this face mask is to take all ingredients and mix them well to form a paste. You need one tablespoon of gram flour or besan in a bowl. Add one tablespoon of fresh cream into the bowl and mix both ingredients properly. You can also use yoghurt instead of fresh cream to form the paste.

Step 2: In the next step, mix the above-mentioned ingredients thoroughly to form a smooth-consistent paste. Now, apply the paste all over your face evenly using your fingers in circular motions. The tiny granules of the gram flour will help in skin exfoliation and clear the dead skin cells. While on the other hand, fresh cream or yoghurt will help in adding moisture to the skin leaving it smooth and supple.

Step 3: Leave the scrub on your face for about 10-15 minutes. Use this time to relax and rewind and avoid touching your face again and again.

Step 4: Now, rinse off your face with lukewarm water by gently scrubbing in circular motions. Scrubbing allows the skin to absorb moisture better, prevent clogged pores and prevent the growth of unwanted hair. When you scrub your skin, the particles of the scrub or mask rub against your skin and remove the dirt from over your skin.

Step 5: In the last step, it is important to apply a moisturiser that suits your skin type to nourish the skin with enough amounts of hydration to get smooth and glowing skin. Moisturisation helps in preventing dryness, fighting acne, soothing sensitive skin, and slowing the signs of ageing.

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(Disclaimer: As every skin is different, please do a patch test before applying the above mentioned face mask or consult a dermatologist.)

Kiara Advani Glowing Scrub:Step 1:Step 2:Step 3:Step 4:Step 5:(Disclaimer: As every skin is different, please do a patch test before applying the above mentioned face mask or consult a dermatologist.)