Moto has the Z Flip 5 beat on cover screen size and price with this Razr+ deal
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Moto has the Z Flip 5 beat on cover screen size and price with this Razr+ deal

Jul 27, 2023

Moto's new clamshell gets a $100 discount for a limited time

Motorola is raging back with the Moto Razr+, featuring an outer 3.6-inch display which lets you do just about anything without opening the phone. At $100 off, it's at it's best price since release, making it the perfect time to buy one.

Motorola's latest clamshell smartphone, the Razr+, quickly took it's rightful place as leader of the pack on our list of the best foldable phones when it released in June of this year. Sporting an upgraded design that features a 3.6 pOLED outer display, Motorola's latest foldable is as versatile as it is stylish, standing up to the likes of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and giving Samsung a real run for its money. It even tops Samsung's clamshell in some areas, offering larger screens, a longer lasting battery, and even better cameras. Which is why Amazon's deal on the Razr+ is so enticing, as it offers this outstanding foldabe for less than it's competition, shaving off $100 to bring it to its best price yet.

While the Razr+ is comparable to Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 5 when it comes to its price to performance ratio, the Razr+ eeks ahead in a few areas to deliver a better phone at a better price point. For starters, the Razr+ features a larger 6.9-inch 165Hz pOLED display as well as a larger 3.6-inch 144Hz pOLED outer display. Compared to the Flip 5's 6.7-inch 120Hz OLED inner and 3.4-inch 60Hz OLED outer, it's a noticeable upgrade that offers better screen clarity and responsiveness. Just be sure to grab a Razr+ case and a screen protector to keep those displays free from scratches and cracks as long as you can.

On top of the added screen real estate and increased refresh rates, the Razr+ features an impressive set of cameras to boot. The Razr+ front-facing camera setup consists of a 32MP paired with a 8MP QuadPixel, with the rear-facing cameras including a 12MP main and a 13MP OISUltra-wide. It's not the best phone for taking pictures if you're a photographer, but you'll still be capturing high quality pictures in all lighting and settings. It also features a reliable 3,800mAh battery, which is par for the course when it comes to premium phones these days.

What really helps make Amazon's deal worth the buy, however, is the price and value you're getting. With the Razr+ down to $900, it's not only at it's lowest price since release, it a downright better value compared to Samsung's foldable clamshell. Performance wise, it's on par with the Galaxy Z Flip 5, but features a few upgrades to really hit home that the Razr is back and better than ever. The $100 discount makes it well worth a look, and offers enough savings to grab a few Razr+ accessories to go along with your new phone.

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