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Aug 26, 2023

Clare Chungon August 25, 2023 inLife

Tech’s reputation as an academically rigorous school is well known to its students. While there will surely be overnight cram sessions before a midterm or frustrating homework assignments that you just can not seem to finish, finding a comfortable and convenient study spot can be key to overcoming any academic challenge.

Price Gilbert and Crosland Tower

As with most academic institutions, the campus library is the most immediate and accessible place for studying. At Tech, the library is made up of the Price Gilbert Memorial Library and Crosland Tower.

Both consist of multiple floors of various tables, individual desks, comfortable chairs and accessible charging outlets. Some of the most popular study areas within Crosland Tower are the top two floors, which have a complete silence policy.

The library’s location at the heart of campus, equidistant from both East and West dormitories, makes it a popular study and meeting spot for clubs.

However, this also makes for crowding issues and may not be ideal for people sensitive to noise or movement when studying. Getting a spot can often be challenging during the weekdays, especially during midterms or finals season.

The Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons

Right next door and adjacent to Tech Green is the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons (CULC). With 222,000 square feet of space across five floors, many rooms serve as labs and classrooms. However, much of the space is also dedicated to open study areas for students. One unique feature is the reservation system, which is accessible to all students. Through an online form, students can save a private study room for themselves or a group for up to four hours a day.

There is also a relaxation sunroom on the 4th floor that students can visit to de-stress while studying. Another area of the CULC that may appeal to some is the rooftop garden. Reopened this past spring, this area has tables and chairs amongst the native plant garden and overlooks central campus.

The Kendeda Building

While the above locations are located towards the center of campus, the Kendeda Building is found on West Campus. The first certified Living Building in Georgia and the entire Southeast, Kendeda is a sustainable energy building that is part of the campus’ Eco-Commons.

As a non-departmental academic building, it is open to all students and hosts classes for many majors.

The lower floor contains a designated study area with an open plan that extends to the outside gardens withadditional tables and chairs.

Its location away from the bustle of central campus makes it an ideal location for people who prefer a quieter space for studying.

Infamous for its foaming toilets, the focus on connecting with nature is evident in the architecture and layout, which may be helpful to some for focus.

Barnes and Nobles

Located in Tech Square, this bookstore is a little ways off the main campus but is still a nice place to check-out for studying if you prefer a quieter area in a non-academic building.

Barnes and Nobles is a national bookstore chain, but this particular location includes Tech specific merchandise and clothing on the first floor along with the general bookstore.

Another perk is the Starbucks, located inside by the entrance, which also includes other seating areas.

Upstairs, you will find more products, including snacks and school supplies.

Many textbooks for classes and other materials like lab coats and glasses are sold here for Tech students specifically. The upstairs area also has other tables and chairs, overlooking Tech square and the surrounding area.

Since it is more of a walk from the center of campus, utilizing the Stinger bus system may be helpful to get back and forth. There is a stop on the Gold line by the entrance of the Scheller Business Building, which is only a short walk to Barnes and Nobles.

John Lewis Student Center

It is more often used as a food hall and a common area for club meetings, but the John Lewis Student Center can also be a great place for studying at the right times.

During the day, it is more crowded due to the restaurants, but once most retail services close at 5 p.m., the foot traffic noticeably reduces.

There are several private conference rooms open for reservation and many larger tables, which are perfect for larger study groups or meetings. The additional outside patio overlooks Tech Green, which is ideal for people who enjoy studying outside.

There are several booth seats as well as individual desks for people who want more privacy. Although the building officially closes at 11 p.m., it is Buzzcard accessible after hours, which is great for late night study sessions.

Most academic buildings at Tech include areas designated for studying, and the proximity to downtown Atlanta allows easy access to many off-campus study spots, such as local cafés, serving as an oppotunity to explore.

Taking the time to explore new study areas in and around campus to fit your personal needs and preferences can make a real difference in your study habits and overall success at the Institute.