Genuine Client Relationship Behind Yunique Medical's Success
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Genuine Client Relationship Behind Yunique Medical's Success

Jul 16, 2023

Conventional medical science is often described as cold, technical, and impersonal, and it often uses generalized solutions to treat people. However, humans are complex and each individual has unique needs that cannot be met through a one-size-fits-all approach.

Yunique Medicine, a cellular and functional medicine center founded by Larry Siegel, APRN, takes a bespoke approach to providing its clients with procedures and treatments that allow them to achieve their optimal health condition. Siegel and his team seek to establish a genuine and personal relationship with its clients, making them feel like they're part of a family or an exclusive club, while providing a tailor-made application of medical science that allows clients to achieve their peak mental and physical performance.

The YM Method is a bottom-to-top approach that begins with a comprehensive consultation, discussing the client's symptoms, lifestyle, and goals, in order to get to know the client and narrow down the possible causes of the disorders. It then conducts comprehensive bloodwork and diagnostics to identify the systemic factors responsible for the symptoms. To correct the symptoms, Yunique Medicine uses hormone and cellular optimization and vitamin supplementation, as well as provides nutrition support to ensure the clients' continued overall wellness.

According to Siegel, Yunique Medicine operates on three pillars – culture, value, and results. Siegel was an early adopter of building great organizational culture, exerting effort to make Yunique Medicine a great place for people to work, ensuring that the entire team has complementary personalities and treating clients in a friendly and personable manner. Yunique Medicine's clinics differ from regular clinics by having warm and lively aesthetics, in contrast to the sterile atmosphere of many doctors' offices. Non-medical staff also do not wear scrub suits, removing the impression of being in a hospital.

Part of the culture put forward by Yunique Medicine is educating clients about every aspect of their health and involving them in the entire process, allowing them to have informed consent every step of the way. This education is in contrast to other medical providers, who talk to their patients for 15 minutes, prescribe a pill, and usher them out the door.

Siegel says it's this emphasis on personal interaction that makes him averse to telehealth services. He believes that, while telehealth can be used in situations where it is physically impossible to meet, over-reliance on this technology removes the human aspect from medicine.

“If you're in functional medicine, cellular medicine, or hormone replacement therapy, it is imperative to have a one-on-one visit. You cannot get to know a human being through a computer screen. Even with video, I can't see the entirety of a client's body language. You lose all the other sensory interactions that are required to have a conversation and feel the other person's energy. I can't feel your energy. Humans are energetic, vibrational beings, and that can't be felt through telecommunications,” Siegel says.

Yunique Medicine's second pillar is to provide exceptional value to its clients, and it always seeks to underpromise and overdeliver. It also values its clients by providing them with the education, knowledge, resources, and anything else that they need to succeed. Yunique Medicine strives to bring its functional and cellular medicine services to everyone, that's why it set its price point to provide the best value for money for its clients.

The final pillar, results, is what clients look for in every medical provider. Siegel says that clients are prone to losing interest if they don't see any results in two to four weeks. Yunique Medicine uses the most powerful tools to move the needle – among which are hormone pellets and peptide therapy.

“Our bottom-to-top approach looks at the foundation – diet, exercise, and sleep. We then move up to hormones, adding or reducing what is needed, manipulating cellular mechanisms to improve mental and physical performance, as well as enhance longevity,” Siegel says. “We've been able to replicate our methods over and over again. These impactful and life changing results have led to numerous 5-star reviews online, as well as word-of-mouth recommendations from our clients to their family and friends.”

According to Siegel, this relationship with clients has led to something like a dedicated fan base, where clients wear Yunique's merchandise such as t-shirts and caps – something unheard of for a medical provider.

“Many of our clients are quite loyal to Yunique Medical. They wear our merchandise because they trust the brand and they think it's cool. They all want to be part of the club and the experience that we provide, and, to the extent of my knowledge, no other medical provider has that kind of relationship with their clients,” Siegel says.

For the next five to 10 years, Siegel plans to scale the business and further grow its network beyond its current locations in Florida, namely Ocala, Port Orange, and Fruitland Park. He also aims to empower nurse practitioners through the business, especially since there is a growing number of people who prefer seeing mid-level health providers because of the more personable and accessible services they provide.

The content of this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice or any kind of patient-provider relationship.

Establishing a Genuine Client Relationship Behind Yunique Medical's Success, Says Founder Larry Siegel