Cleaning Coveralls And Other Potentially Contaminated PPE
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Cleaning Coveralls And Other Potentially Contaminated PPE

Jun 13, 2023

If you are looking to manually clean coveralls, bunny suits, bouffants, and the like, the Alconox detergent you have in house will be great. In a more ideal circumstance, we would go with what is essentially Alconox powder enhanced with protein enzymes. This truly gives thorough removal/cleaning of biological, proteinaceous, viral, and microbial residue. This is Tergazyme® Enzyme-Active Powdered Detergent – see our Tergazyme detergent video. Both detergents, the Alconox and Tergazyme powder, do not contain traditional “laundry” detergent attributes: florescent whitening agents, softeners and fragrances. They both contain excellent dispersants, emulsifiers and wetting agents that can enhance cleaning significantly. So they won’t “smell” clean, they just will be clean. In fact, critically clean.

If you are looking to use in traditional laundry washers, the foaming nature of Alconox powder may cause foaming depending on cycle, agitation, and other parameters. If such is the case, Alcojet® Low-Foaming Powdered Detergent would be the best bet (low foaming equivalent to Alconox powder).

Lowering the agitation cycle will certainly help with any foaming issues that may occur when using the Alconox powder.

Again, your existing stock of Alconox powdered detergent can be used immediately to help clean coveralls, bunny suits and other PPE equipment. And we are thrilled that our products will assist!

If you have specific PPE, coveralls and related cleaning questions, please reach out to us any time to discuss your particular application.