Bode’s First Womenswear Collection is Live
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Bode’s First Womenswear Collection is Live

Jul 01, 2023

And the rest of their quick-to-sell-out womenswear debut collection.

I would not classify Bode as an affordable brand. (Though if you look at the craftsmanship of one of Emily Adams Bode Aujla’s pieces, the price is often justified.) So it’s a sign of a committed (and deserving) customer base when a collection that ranges from $300 boxer shorts to $1,000+ evening dresses sells through almost instantly. And that is the case with her first official womenswear collection. Though she launched her label on the basis of menswear, Bode Aujla’s womenswear, which debuted on the Paris runway in January of this year, is now available online and in-store. Her collections have always skewed genderless—many women already shopping in the menswear section—now, we merely have more tailored options.

I have no shame in my fair-weather fandom; I think Bode Aujla’s designs are excellent. And though I have yet to acquire my own piece, the pennies are being pinched to do so. If you occupy the same sartorial boat, I suggest you act fast. My eyes are on this frothy ‘20s-inspired dress trimmed in lace. The entire Fall ‘23 collection was inspired by the designer’s mother who, in the 1970s, worked on the estate of an aging doyenne who dressed in her 1920s evening gowns to eat alone at an enormous dinner table—sounds fabulous, no? I’ll be pairing mine with oversized gold earrings and a pair of black mary janes. What about you?

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